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Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights by Robert Johanson adapted from the book by Emily Brontë

Produced by special arrangement with THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY of Woodstock, Illinois.

Wuthering Heights is a tragic tale of love and loss, anger and malice and one mans desire to get revenge for the wrongs done unto him.

Rated: R

March 2013 


Cast & Crew

DirectorTracy Moran 
Stage Manager Maria Whittaker
Mr. EarnshawMargie Rogers 
Hindley EarnshawSteven Seda 
Catherine EarnshawEmily Moran 
HeathcliffDalton McCart
Ellen (Nelly) DeanLisa Jacob 
JosephTracy Yount 
Frances EarnshawDeidra Randolph 
Hareton Earnshaw Alex Wirges 
Linton HeathcliffBrady Moran
Edgar LintonRobin Ramsey 
Isabella Linton Lauren Cockrum 
Cathy Linton Emily Moran 
Fanny Linton (dog) Kia McCart 
Mr. LockwoodGary Akins 
Young CatherineMackenzie Luley
Young HindleyJentri Oetinger 
Young HeathcliffAustin Shrum 
Young HaretonAustin Shrum 
 Set Design

Brad Moran, Chris Moran, Emily Moran,

Brady Moran, Dalton McCart

 Crew Chris Moran, Brandon York, Ashley Whittaker
 Lights/Sound Josh Mathews