Pulaski Fine Arts Assoc. ~ Theater On The Square

The Pony Expresso…or The Villian Came to a Grinding Halt 

by Rachel Davidson

Nov 8-10,16-18 2001

Cast and Crew

 DirectorColleen Knichel
 Stage Manager
Kathy Worley
 Lighting DirectorB.J. Johnson
 PropsVicky McCumber
 CostumesJoan Murphy, Susan Hooper
 Set Design
James Denning
 Set Construction
Mike Milner, Cast and Crew
 Publicity Rhea Anne Mathews
 Box Office Joan Murphy
 Buck Brawn
Albie G. Frizzle
 Doc Cappuccino
James Denning
 Barb DwyerRhea Anne Mathews
 Fife Latte
Julias Margis
 Dee CaffVicky McCumber
 SugarJames Gillette
 SpiceBJ Worley
 Mo Cobana
 Robert (Bob) E. Hooper
 Star Bright
Valerie Spencer
Mayor Rich Coffee
 Ray Worley
 Palomino Polly
Laura Milner
 Card Girl
Valerie Milner