Pulaski Fine Arts Assoc. ~ Theater On The Square

The Odd Couple: Female Version

Neil Simon's female adaptation of his classic The Odd Couple. 

February 2012 

Cast & Crew

 DirectorBarb Olsen 
Stage ManagerGary Akins 
 SylvieStacey LaForest* 
Mickey Kaitlin Roberts* 
 ReneeJennifer Kimpel
 VeraRhea Anne Mathews 
Olive MadisonGeri Dallhammer
Florence Unger Colleen Knichel 
Manolo CostazuelaRon Garee 
Jesus Costazuela Robert Yount 
 CrewSue Foster 
 CrewLaurel LaForest 
 Lights/SoundJohn Caldwell 

* Indicates first time on PFAA's stage.