Pulaski Fine Arts Assoc. ~ Theater On The Square

The Best of Broadway

August 2nd and 3rd, 1996

Cast and Crew

Director Robert J. Goff
Musical Director Kathy Miller
Flutist Caryle Jones
Stage Manager Karen Franco
Set Construction Mike Milner
Lighting Bruce Johnson
Coreography Vicki Bretz, David Crane, Rus and Sandy White
House Manager Mary Miller
Performers Mike Beattie
  Cynthia Bolinger
  David Crane
  Tom Elliott
  Misti Kuhn
  Laura Milner
  Russel White
  Sandy White
  Cheryl Wood
Chorus David Bretz
  Vicki Bretz
  Janet Dunbar
  Kathy Elliott
  Jennifer Ireland
  Olivia Johnson
  Colleen Knichel
  Linda Lowery
  Mike Milner
  Ellen Roberts
Stage Crew Brandy Airheart-Shelton
  Clay Bolinger
  Chandra Johnson
  Kelley Johnson
  Miki Maynard
  Jennifer Milner
  Katie Zeman
Ushers Elizabeth Fulmer
  Virginia Fulmer
  Andrea Green
  Christy McCouch
  Marlene Pendelton
Gate Sales Barbara Olsen
Head Usher Vicki McCumber
Makeup Keli Johnson, Chandra Johnson, Elaine McGee & Dawn King
Membership Cards Mary Ann Osborne
Membership Committee Kathy Davenport
Program Cover & Posters Lois Dodds
Programs Susie Elliott
Publicity Ruth Long, Debbie Hynes & Virigie Mahan
Refreshments Mary Miller
Tickets Colleen Knichel
Videotaping Michael Hynes & Bill Kesselring

Upcoming Events

Friday, Sep 8 at 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Saturday, Sep 9 at 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Friday, Sep 15 at 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Saturday, Sep 16 at 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM